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Houses in Tuscany offers on its website vacation homes offers, villas, cottages and farmhouses in Tuscany, in particular in Garfagnana. Our selection of accommodation include several of the most famous historical towns of Garfagnana, villas and mansions in the country immersed in the peace and tranquility.

Houses in Tuscany offers a different experience to stay in the wonderful Tuscany, our experience is at your disposal to help you to find and select the structure for your needs, please contact us to realize your holiday in Tuscany.

Houses in Tuscany has a wide range of facilities all carefully selected for panoramic and quiet position, not far from resorts where are the primary services. Facilities are accessible along roads in excellent condition.

The mission of Houses in Tuscany born from a long experience in Real Estate, both of which lease sales, which allowed us to achieve this on-line catalog where you will find the best houses in Tuscany, we serve those who want to buy a house or spend a holiday in a typical Tuscany farmhouse, and who wants to invest capital in real estate. We are surrounded by fantastic scenery of Tuscany with extensive views over the valley and near the most beautiful cities of such as Lucca, the Versilia, the Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena, Florence.

Tuscany is a land that offers a wide range of activities, things to see and places to discover, art culture and history. Tuscany is rich in beauty and nature, its landscapes are unique for its vineyards and olive trees, to dive into the magic of these places from the ancient taste it is now possible with Houses in Tuscany.

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