Buying in La Garfagnana – L’altra Toscana (The Other Tuscany)

If you are planning how to begin your dream of living life in “La Dolce Vita” prices here are still very attractive compared to other more tourist centred parts of Tuscany.

With its proximity to Pisa airport, served by both BA, Easyjet, Ryan Air and other low cost airlines* this area known as La Garfagnana & Media Valley region of Lucca is becoming increasingly popular, with easy access to both the Ligurian coast, the famous landmarks in the rest of Tuscany and of course other parts of Bella Italia. 
La Garfagnana Valley is an area of outstanding natural beauty nestled between the  two fabulous mountain ranges The Appenine and The Apuane and offers fantastic value for money whether you are looking for a Villa with swimming pool, a picturesque stone barn, a spacious farmhouse set in its own terraced olive groves or orchard, a getaway cottage or land to build your dream house, we can help you achieve the dream.
Purchasing a property abroad can sometimes be a complicated and daunting experience for those unused to the language and bureaucracy in a foreign country. We at Houses in Tuscany do our very best to smooth the path for you and help remove those complications. 
We will take you through the entire process from the very moment you start your search for your dream property. We offer a personal service, and a comprehensive after sales service which can include helping to arrange and organise restoration work with reputable builders and technicians, property management, and property insurance.

HOUSES IN TUSCANY  are adding new properties to our the site regularly, so if you don’t find your perfect property immediately then please keep looking and if you have something particular in mind, we may able to help source your dream property, so please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be delighted to help

*For full list of airlines operating to and from Pisa please visit here:

BUYING A PROPERTY IN ITALY – Essential Information

It is always wise to ensure that your agent is legally registered and is therefore able to mediate on your behalf.

HOUSES IN TUSCANY IMMOBILIARE is a fully licensed Estate Agency, registered with the local Chamber of Commerce and FIMAA.
Under Italian law, both seller and buyer are represented by the same estate agent, who will mediate between both parties. In addition, both buyer and seller use the same public notary, whose responsibility it is to oversee the final sale process, and check, that all documentary details are correct and that the property has no mortgages or any similar legal or financial encumbrances on it. The buyer is responsible for the notary fees and the taxes.

Non Italian residents purchase property in Italy with exactly the same procedure as Italians.
The first things you need when you are purchasing a home here is an Italian Tax Code which is called a Codice Fiscale. this code is used for just about all financial and legal transactions in Italy and an Italian bank account – we can assist you in obtaining both.

1.It is possible to draw up a Proposta Irrevocabile D'Acquisto - basically a promise to buy, and a promise to sell which is signed by both would-be purchaser and the seller. In this document are stated details regarding the property for sale, names of the parties concerned, the purchase price, and the planned date for signing the preliminary contract of purchase (compromesso). A cheque deposit for a nominal sum will be paid to the seller. You will lose this deposit if you back out of the sale once this agreement has been made, and the owner is obliged to refund double the amount if he backs out.
However, the deposit will be returned to you if the sale falls through for any other reason.
2. The preliminary contract (Compromesso) is a document to be signed by both parties, which shows all relevant details of the purchase, including a full description of the property as it appears in the local land registry, the sale price, the date of completion, and the deposit that is to be paid (usually in the region of 20/30% of the purchase price). Again, the deposit is non-refundable if the buyer should back out of the sale and if the seller backs out of the sale they have to refund double the amount of the deposit to the buyer. This helps to ensure that both parties are committed to the sale.
The Estate Agency fee is also due once the compromesso has been signed and the deposit has been paid.

3. The final contract, (Rogito) is usually signed within two months from the compromesso but can be postponed if both parties agree.
The Rogito takes place at the office of a local notaio, who will have checked all details regarding the property and the purchase in advance. All parties are required to be present for the signing of the final contract, though if this is not possible then we can arrange to represent you with a power of attorney. If you do not speak Italian you can also request a translated version of the contract. 

Once you have found your property the procedure is as follows:
The balance of the purchase price, purchase taxes and notary fees are due at this point.

(Present regulations set the purchase tax on first residences in Italy at 3%, but for this to apply the purchaser must establish residency in Italy within 18 months following the signing. If it is not your first residence here, or if you do not wish to establish residency here, then the cost will be 9% for the cadastral value of the house and 12% for the value of any land.
Please note that the cadastral value is a nominal predetermined value of a dwelling and is usually much lower (usually approx 15% to 30%) to the real purchase price.)
4. You will be given the keys to your new home at the Notary office and can begin your new life in Italy immediately!
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